Complementary eBooks

We believe you shouldn’t have to buy the same thing twice. We think that if you buy a print edition of a book, you should be able to download an eBook version for free. We also think that if you buy the eBook first, then want a print edition, you should get a discount equivalent to the price of the original eBook (or thereabouts).

So, whenever we can, that’s what we do.

If you buy direct from Infected Books, you’ll automatically receive a download link once your purchase is complete. Contact us here if your link was not received.

If you’ve bought a print version of one of the Infected Books titles listed below from another retailer, click here to learn how to get a complementary ebook version.

If you’ve bought an eBook, click here to find out how to get a discount on a signed print copy of the book.

Terms and conditions:

  • You must be the original purchaser of the book in question to qualify, or have received the book as a gift.
  • Discounts offered against print books will only be redeemable against signed paperbacks/hardcovers ordered direct from Infected Books via
  • We reserve the right to suspend/amend/terminate this initiative at any time.
  • This offer only applies to the titles published by Infected Books since 2012 which are listed below. Any books published by Thomas Dunne Books, Gollancz, or any other publisher, are NOT eligible (nor are any IB titles published prior to 2012).

Eligible titles:

  • AUTUMN: DAWN (2021)
  • VOODOO CHILD (2015)
  • STRANGERS (2014)
  • LAST OF THE LIVING (2014) – note: LAST OF THE LIVING contains the two ebook novellas ISOLATION and THE COST OF LIVING
  • STRAIGHT TO YOU (2014)
  • TRUST (2012)