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Autumn: Inferno – coming soon

David Moody has announced the release of AUTUMN: INFERNO – the second book in the LONDON TRILOGY – on January 25, 2022. Here’s a glimpse of the cover art by Craig Paton, and a blurb…

There are now more than three hundred people grouped together on the banks of the Thames in the shadows of the Tower of London. On one side, the river. In all other directions, nothing but the dead.

If they can make it through winter, they’ll have a shot at long-term survival, but with so many mouths to feed, food is at a premium. They have no choice but to scavenge through the ruins of London to survive, but with every street they clear, every building they strip, they risk enraging the vast hordes of the undead that have them surrounded.

It’s a delicate balancing act: stave off starvation while doing everything possible to avoid an all out war.

But there may be another option…

Pre-orders will be opening on 7 December. Keep an eye on and for updates.

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AUTUMN: DAWN – out now

Today sees the release of the first new AUTUMN novel since 2012. AUTUMN: DAWN – book one of the London trilogy – is available from all the usual locations (links below).

David Moody’s AUTUMN: DAWN breathes new life into my favourite undead series. Moody brings his trademark approach to a zombie world: interesting and realistic characters, organic conflict, and always, always, the dramatic and horrifying struggle to survive in a world overrun by the dead.” –Craig DiLouie, author of THE CHILDREN OF RED PEAK

AUTUMN: DAWN is available in print (Amazon, Book Depository, Book Shop, Indiebound), and as an ebook (Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google, B&N). An audiobook version and German translation will be released shortly.

A handful of copies of the limited edition hardcover, as well as signed paperbacks, are available from


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Autumn: Dawn

It’s here, and we are very excited! The first book in David Moody’s new AUTUMN trilogy – AUTUMN: DAWN – will be released on 31 May 2021. A strictly limited hardcover edition is available to pre-order now from this site, and there are a number of reasons why you should do just that:

  • if you pre-order the hardcover, you’ll be able to download and read an ebook version of the new novel TODAY
  • the hardcover includes bonus material not available in any other format (an essay by the author – 25 YEARS SINCE THE END OF THE WORLD)
  • readers who pre-order will have early access to pre-order matching hardcovers of the other novels in the series – INFERNO (coming later in 2021), and EXODUS (coming next year).

Click here for more information. You can find out much more about the entire AUTUMN series at

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ISOLATION: Stories from the World of the Undead

It’s been a while since we’ve updated here, but we just wanted to post and let folks know that two new editions of DAVID MOODY‘s classic 2014 zombie short story collection, ISOLATION, are now available. As well as the titular novella, ISOLATION also includes the short stories TIGHTROPES, WHO WE USED TO BE, MURIEL, and WISH I WAS HERE.

German language (Isolation: Geschichten aus der Welt der Untoten) and audiobook versions are available now.

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Sometimes we’re frustratingly slow at sharing good news, but this takes the biscuit. We’ve been working hard for the last couple of years to make Infected Books titles available as audiobooks – so hard that we completely forgot to update the website! Let’s put that right immediately!

Four of David Moody’s Infected Books titles are now available from Audible, Amazon and iTunes, and other titles are currently in production. Click the covers below to find out more.

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The Last Big Thing

We’re very pleased to announce the release next month of David Moody‘s new short story collection, THE LAST BIG THING. This is a collection which has been more than a decade in the making, and which brings together some of the author’s favourite (generally non-zombie) short stories.

We sit in our own little bubbles, watching the rest of the world go by. We think ‘it’ll never happen to me’ but guess what? At some point it probably will. We might think we’re in control but believe me, there’s a lot we don’t know.

In the spirit of The Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected, cult author David Moody presents eleven stories about life, death and everything in between (and after). 

From the never-ending nightmare of domestic bliss to the search for the ultimate body modification, from warring families to warring nations, from the last minutes before doomsday to the polluted shores of the post-post-apocalypse, THE LAST BIG THING highlights how thin the line between the ordinary and extraordinary can be.

THE LAST BIG THING will be released on 8 January as an ebook and hardcover. The hardcover (which we absolutely recommend) is your best option for viewing the magnificent, easter-egg-filled cover art by longtime Infected Books collaborator, Craig Paton.

You can pre-order the collection from this site today and immediately download the ebook version. And there’s more – three lucky pre-orderers will also receive advance reviewer copies of David Moody’s next novel, ALL ROADS END HERE (out in February 2019).

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The Front: Red Devils – out next week

Our first release of 2017 is out on 15 February – DAVID MOODY’S THE FRONT: RED DEVILS.

The book is a continuation of a series created by TIMOTHY W. LONG (who wrote the first book, SCREAMING EAGLES) and CRAIG DILOUIE (who will release book three, BERLIN OR BUST, later in 2017).


The German stranglehold on the town of Bastogne has been released, only for the living dead to rise up and take their place. A ragtag group of men fight their way out of the chaos and make a frantic escape from the rubble and ruin. One of them, British soldier Lieutenant Robert Wilkins, uncovers crucial information about the source of the zombie scourge. Along with a crack team, Wilkins is dispatched to where the outbreak began – the ominously silent concentration camp at Polonezköy, Poland – to try and find a way to halt the undead advance.

The fate of the entire world rests on the shoulders of just a handful of men.

Pre-order now for $2.99 from,, and Signed paperbacks are available from our store. Remember, with all orders from you’ll get free shipping if you’re in the UK, and a complementary ebook version of the novel.

Cover art for RED DEVILS is by the outrageously talented ELOISE J. KNAPP.

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Interview with Scott McGlasson – our Pitch and Page winner!

Back in January, as part of the launch for our Year Of The Zombie novella series, we announced a Pitch & Page comp where budding writers could pitch an idea for a novella, along with a one page excerpt, to our very own Dragon’s-Den-esque panel of David Moody, US literary agent, Gina Panettieri and Michael Preissl of German & English language publisher, Voodoo Press. The winner of the comp was Scott McGlasson, whose novella NOCK is October’s YOZ release. We caught up with Scott to talk about his experience so far as P&P winner and debut author.

Hey Scott, congrats on the release of NOCK. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got interested in genre writing.

sm-profile-picI’ve been reading science-fiction and horror since I was twelve.  My father used to bring home paperbacks from business trips and I’d tear into them, usually juggling three or more at the same time.  I always thought I’d try my own hand at writing, but never got around to it.  A couple of years ago at a birthday party, one of my old friends talked about a multi-book series he was working on and that sort of jump-started me into working on my own.  I had always been sort of a peripheral fan of zpoc novels and movies, but after Max Brooks’ World War Z came out, I was hooked.  Post-apocalyptic stories have always fascinated me, but there’s something about the unique threat that hordes of undead add to the mix that makes it much more fun for me.  I got a singular idea for something in the zpoc genre that I hadn’t seen done before and started researching and writing a story that took on a life of its own.  That one is still down in the laboratory, lashed to a table, trying to escape.  Nock was an off-shoot of that work.  A completely different world, situation, and characters, but I never would have thought of Stace and Rob Tomlinson without doing all that zpoc research first.

Nock is as much a story about family as it is about zombies. What inspired you to approach the story in this way?

Simply put, being the father of two sons and two daughters.  My oldest daughter, Evelyn, took an interest in archery a couple of years ago, so Stace is based on her.  I’ve always felt that zombie apocalypse stories need to walk a thin line between vacuous cannibal porn on one side and season three of The Walking Dead on the other.  The entire story can’t just be about gory zombie kills  no more than it can just be about slow-paced trudges through character relationships and wondering where the hell Carl is this week.  It’s got to be both (sans Carl).  Setting up Nock to be viewed through the eyes of a father-daughter dynamic seemed to be the best way to stay on the tightrope and still tell a good tale.

Nock is your first novella-length release, I believe, but have you had any short stories published?

Nock is actually my first attempt at getting something published.  I’ve got one big project in the works (hear that banging coming from the cellar again?) and a short story I committed to a charity, but getting into YOZ is really the beginning for me and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.

Which do you prefer: writing short stores or writing longer form, such as novellas/ novels?

Short-stories are a double-edged sword to me.  If you’ve got a great little idea, you can jump on and crank it out without extraneous research, world-building, and character arcs.  On the other hand, if you’ve got a great kernel of an idea, it wants to heat up, expand, and pop, goading you into exploring every facet. Looking forward, I will explore both forms, but I think I’ll lean toward bigger, more epic story lines.

Your pitch and page very much impressed our judges. What, in your eyes, makes a good pitch. And what ways did you try to draw the reader (judges) in with your first page?

You’ve got to wring out the very core of your story and then you’ve got a phrase it in such a manner that it comes across as different or unique.  When I got into the craft of writing, I surrounded myself with working writers.  One of the things they bemoan is the pitch.  Everyone’s got to have that “elevator pitch” ready to go at a moment’s notice, right?  Coming up with one appears to be a thorn in quite a few writers’ sides.  The P&P’s 25 word limit was far more constricting than the proverbial elevator ride, so it really took some doing.  I started off trying to work everything in, but, of course, that was doomed to failure.  In the end, I boiled it down to the very essence of the story: Stace’s desire to get outside the walls and run.

Do you think you’ll return to the world of Nock or is it a done-in-one? What’s next for you in terms of writing?

I think so.  The initial feedback seems to be pointing towards wanting a bigger story set there.  I’m told it reads like a part of a much larger world, which I think is a good thing.  There’s a lot to explore.  In the story, from Stace’s point of view, dociles are simply a part of life.  There’s no examination of how the fundamental humanity of the living has been affected by essentially turning docile undead into draft animals.  Can you call something a slave that has no self?  There’s a lot of “there” there, so to speak.

As mentioned prior, I’ve promised to do a young-adult story for a kids cancer survivor anthology and it can be on anything, so I think I’m going to try a hand at a lunar colony cyberpunk story in the near term (what would it be like to frolic in a swimming pool in 1/6th gravity?).  As soon as that’s finished, I’m going to head back down into the lab and continue poking at that epic zpoc thing that’s strapped to the table.

Find out more about Scott at his official Infected Books page.

Buy NOCK right here.