The Cost of Living


“THE COST of LIVING is character-driven zombie horror at its very best. No fan of the genre should be without it.” —Wayne Simmons, author of Plastic Jesus and Flu

“Moody has the power to make the most mundane and ordinary characters interesting and believable, and is reminiscent of Stephen King at his finest.” —Shadowlocked

“A truly superb post-apocalyptic story.” —DLS Reviews

“A short story that will have you eager to see how Stuart and his family survive, an ending that will leave you stunned, this is an intense zombie story that I would recommend to anyone.” —Bookbloke

“If you are looking for a story with princesses and bubble gum, then do not read The Cost of Living. If you want a real story that is raw and dark then you need to read this book.” —Greg at 2BooksLoversReviews

“With Moody’s stories, you’re always guaranteed a story about people with zombies in it, not the other way around… THE COST OF LIVING is a fast, fun read by one of my favorite zombie fiction authors. Recommended.” —Craig DiLouie, author of TOOTH AND NAIL and SUFFER THE CHILDREN

A brand new zombie/survival horror story from the author of the best-selling AUTUMN and HATER novels (optioned for film by Guillermo del Toro).

The world is dying. An abhorrent epidemic is sweeping the globe, destroying everything it touches. Contact with even a single drop of contaminated blood or saliva is enough to spread the disease. Within hours even the healthiest people are transformed into hideous, germ-spewing creatures. They hunt out the uninfected in their tens of thousands, their sole purpose to continue spreading the infection.

On a recently-built housing development on the outskirts of a large city, one man will stop at nothing to protect his family from the coming storm. Stuart has been one step ahead of the game from the beginning. His garage is stocked high with supplies, the doors and windows of his home fortified, weapons held ready in case of attack.

With each passing minute, there are more and more infected surrounding the house. With each passing minute, Stuart and his family have less food and water available. Some time very soon, the balance of power will inevitably shift.

But Stuart won’t give up on his family, no matter what the cost.



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