VOODOO CHILD by Andre Duza & Wayne Simmons available now!

‘The literary equivalent of the classic horror films of the 80s. ‘ (Harry Manfredini, Film Composer: FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE HILLS HAVE EYES II, WISHMASTER)

Voodoo Child by Wayne Simmons and Andre Duza

You’ve been warned! 
Stay away from Blackwater, Louisiana. Behind the smiles and the southern hospitality lies a dark secret. 

You’ve been warned! 
Don’t go in the woods. They’re haunted. 

You’ve been warned! 
Don’t go in the lake. There’s a dead witch beneath those waters. 

Lori Sawyer was raised in these parts. The biracial descendant of a Voodoo Priestess, she’s known as “witchy girl” to her friends, Abby and Roxy. But to Lori, Blackwater is a sacred place, a crossroads of old southern, African, and French spirituality to be celebrated, not feared. In fact, it’s just the sort of environment to help free Abby from the memory of witnessing her boyfriend’s murder. 

And from the guilt of having killed him. 

In 1985 three friends will embark on a weekend getaway that will change their lives forever. 

“Duza and Simmons have succeeded WILDLY in re-creating a classic horror flick from the ’80s – on the page! And if anyone knows about ’80s horror… it’s me.” Steve Johnson (Special FX Legend: THE HOWLING, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, GHOSTBUSTERS)  
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