DAVID R SHIRES designed the cover art for LAST OF THE LIVING,  THE COST OF LIVING, ISOLATION and the YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE series. Here’s his full bio:

David R Shires currently lives in Ireland but originally comes from Exeter in the UK. He is an artist; and writer of sorts who loves to twist a tale of horror and has a liking for the ‘Undead’.

David trained as a graphic designer in college and now owns his own design company, where he enjoys creating book covers, posters and many forms of design ranging from Horror to the local scouts.

He has had a few short stories published and designed more than a few book covers for a collection of small press publishers. Projects he is currently working on are his own  long standing novel (don’t we all have one of those) various comic books, several short stories and an interesting project he is not allowed to share just yet.

He doesn’t have much time for hobbies but if he did they would include the cinema, reading and drawing (basically what he does for work – how lucky is he?!). His all time hero is The Batman, because he doesn’t take any crap. He is a fan of ‘ink’ and is currently planning his fourth piece (at 43 this is his fourth piece since getting his first on his fortieth birthday).

David has a history of being a nightclub bouncer and children’s entertainer (basically the same job: dealing with unruly kids), and a hotel manager. Working in holiday centres and abroad he has in the past been paid to sing a song or two on stage. He favourite author is Stephen King; his favourite film is Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and his favourite food is a nice blue steak with mash potatoes and mushrooms. (Loves to watch the blood seep out of the steak into the mash mmmmm….)

He is a great believer in the power of social networking so has quite a few web sites and Facebook pages. Follow him here:

The three things David says define him the most though are his two boys and girl. They are, after all, his reason for life itself.