Voodoo Child by Andre Duza and Wayne Simmons

Coming August 2015 from Infected Books is VOODOO CHILD, a brand new horror novel by Andre Duza (DEAD BITCH ARMY, HOLLOW EYED MARY, KING DOLLAR) and Wayne Simmons (FLU, THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT). VOODOO CHILD is a homage book, a love letter to the slasher craze of the late 70s and early 80s as well as the works of legendary horror hacks such as Richard Laymon. ‘The 80s was to horror cinema what the 60s was to the music industry,’ Duza comments. ‘Voodoo Child is in essence my thank you to the decade that raised me, and to the directors/writers/FX gurus that populated the era.’

The cover art for VOODOO CHILD is by veteran horror artist, Alex McVey, who has designed covers for such staples of the genre such as Stephen King, Peter Straub, Joe Hill and many others.

Voodoo Child by Wayne Simmons and Andre Duza

‘I think this cover speaks volumes of what you can expect from this book,’ Simmons points out. ‘Andre and I are a similar age. We’re both children of the 80s and remember the joys of visiting the local video store and choosing something from the horror section based solely on how gory and over-the-top and lewd the cover art was.’

VOODOO CHILD will see release through Infected Books in August 2915 on both e-book and a special pulp-sized paperback format. Be very scared.