kcHappy new year to all our readers! And no better way, we reckon, to see in the new year than with the first novella in our brand new YEAR OF THE ZOMBIE series!

Year of the Zombie promises 12 exclusive novella releases throughout 2016 from some of the best in the business, the first being the awesome KILLCHAIN by Adam Baker (bestselling author of OUTPOST and JUGGERNAUT).

Elize arrives in Mogadishu with instructions to assassinate a Russian embassy official. She has tactical command of a US kill-team, CIA operatives, rookies and veterans of a dozen war zones. It should be a straightforward hit but her luck is about to run out. She will soon find herself trapped in a city gone to hell, struggling to complete her mission in the face of betrayal, a spreading pandemic and a population hungry for flesh…

Set within the same world as Baker’s bestselling novels OUTPOST, JUGGERNAUT, TERMINUS and IMPACT, KILLCHAIN will appeal to fans of zombie horror and high-octane thrillers.

Praise for Baker’s previous work:

‘JUGGERNAUT is hugely entertaining and as unstoppable as its namesake.’ (Financial Times)

‘There’s no denying the strength of Baker’s prose.’ (SFX Magazine)

‘An original and pacy debut.’ (Daily Mail)

‘It had me on the edge of my seat from page one.’ (Stephen Leather on OUTPOST).

‘A lock-and-load adventure of the highest calibre.’ (Adam Nevill on JUGGERNAUT)

Grab KILLCHAIN now at / / The novella is also available to read for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.