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The Girl in the Basement

We’re thrilled to be able to announce a new release today – The Girl in the Basement, a short story by Wayne Simmons.

Wayne and David Moody go back a long way, having regularly appearing at events together (and going so far as to ‘tour’ back in 2012 – the fondly-remembered ‘Never Trust a Man with Hair’ tour).

The idea to release The Girl in the Basement through Infected Books came about during many hours spent in the car, driving between events. It’s another example of how Moody plans to keep spreading the infection and expanding the reach of Infected Books.

And what better day to do it? Today is Wayne’s 40th birthday! Happy birthday, Wayne, and welcome to Infected!

You can find out more about The Girl in the Basement by clicking here. It’s available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBook.


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