Autumn: Dawn (paperback)

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Paperback edition of AUTUMN: DAWN, signed by David Moody. Includes free ebook version (immediate download). 

Population seven million
99.9% of them dead
The survival of the rest balanced on a knife-edge

The first book in a new trilogy set in the nightmare world of David Moody’s international best-selling AUTUMN series.

Paperback: 294 pages
Published: May 31, 2021
ISBN-13: 978-0957656383

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Paperback edition of AUTUMN: DAWN – the first book in the London trilogy – signed by the author.


Two months ago, billions of people were killed by a deadly germ. Days later, they rose up again in massive numbers. Since then, cities worldwide have become rat-infested, germ-filled hellholes, ruled by the living dead.


A group of survivors are trapped in the rotting heart of the capital, hopelessly outnumbered. They’ve heard rumours of a safe haven to the north – a self-sufficient community where people can rebuild their devastated lives – but the decaying ruins of London are vast and sprawling, and they’re going to need an army to get away from this place.

There are other people here, waiting in the shadows. Can enough of them band together to make a difference, or has the country – maybe even the entire world – already been lost to the undead?

The first book in a standalone trilogy set in the nightmare world of David Moody’s AUTUMN series – the epic British zombie saga.


“A head-spinning thrill ride, a cautionary tale about the most salient emotion of the 21st century… HATER will haunt you long after you read the last page…” —GUILLERMO DEL TORO (director of PAN’S LABYRINTH, THE SHAPE OF WATER) on HATER

“David Moody’s AUTUMN: DAWN breathes new life into my favourite undead series.” —CRAIG DILOUIE, author of EPISODE THIRTEEN

“As demonstrated throughout his previous novels, readers should crown Moody king of the zombie horror novel” —BOOKLIST

“The best survival horror since Richard Matheson’s I AM LEGEND.” —WAYNE SIMMONS, Author of FLU

“If you only read one book this year, read AUTUMN.” —SUSPENSE MAGAZINE

“By the end of the book, you will be waiting impatiently for the next instalment.” —DREAD CENTRAL

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