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VOODOO CHILD by Andre Duza & Wayne Simmons available now!


9780957656352-Perfect.indd‘The literary equivalent of the classic horror films of the 80s. ‘ (Harry Manfredini, Film Composer: FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE HILLS HAVE EYES II, WISHMASTER)

You’ve been warned! 
Stay away from Blackwater, Louisiana. Behind the smiles and the southern hospitality lies a dark secret. 

You’ve been warned! 
Don’t go in the woods. They’re haunted. 

You’ve been warned! 
Don’t go in the lake. There’s a dead witch beneath those waters. 

Lori Sawyer was raised in these parts. The biracial descendant of a Voodoo Priestess, she’s known as “witchy girl” to her friends, Abby and Roxy. But to Lori, Blackwater is a sacred place, a crossroads of old southern, African, and French spirituality to be celebrated, not feared. In fact, it’s just the sort of environment to help free Abby from the memory of witnessing her boyfriend’s murder. 

And from the guilt of having killed him. 

In 1985 three friends will embark on a weekend getaway that will change their lives forever. 

“Duza and Simmons have succeeded WILDLY in re-creating a classic horror flick from the ’80s – on the page! And if anyone knows about ’80s horror… it’s me.” Steve Johnson (Special FX Legend: THE HOWLING, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, GHOSTBUSTERS)  
Buy it Now from only £1.99:

Amazon UK/ Amazon US

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New Event: Infected Books Host Evening at Waterstones Birmingham


We’re absolutely thrilled to announce an Infected Books event taking place at Waterstones Birmingham (New Street) on Friday 30th October 7pm.



Both David and Wayne will be in attendance, signing books from across their careers.

In addition, Wayne will be launching his forthcoming horror novel, VOODOO CHILD, with co-author Andre Duza hopefully joining him via Skype.





And there might be other surprises, too…

Wayne and friends

For now, put the date in your diary and watch this space for more news.

Big thanks to Tsam and Grace at Waterstones for making this all happen.

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VOODOO CHILD by Andre Duza & Wayne Simmons

11157991_10205866921488830_293016214_n[1]Coming August 2015 from Infected Books is VOODOO CHILD, a brand new horror novel by Andre Duza (DEAD BITCH ARMY, HOLLOW EYED MARY, KING DOLLAR) and Wayne Simmons (FLU, THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT). VOODOO CHILD is a homage book, a love letter to the slasher craze of the 80s as well as the works of legendary horror hacks such as Richard Laymon. ‘The 80s was to horror cinema what the 60s was to the music industry,’ Duza comments. ‘Voodoo Child is in essence my thank you to the decade that raised me, and to the directors/ writers/ FX gurus that populated the era.’

The cover art for VOODOO CHILD is by veteran horror artist, Alex McVey, who has designed covers for such staples of the genre as Stephen King, Peter Straub and Joe Hill.

‘I think this cover speaks volumes of what you can expect from the book,’ Simmons points out. ‘Andre and I are a similar age. We’re both children of the 80s and remember the joys of visiting the local video store and choosing something from the horror section based solely on how gory and over-the-top and lewd the cover art was. This book speaks to the teenage gore hound still within many horror fans today.’

VOODOO CHILD will see release through Infected Books in August 2015 on both e-book and a special vintage-styled, pulp-sized paperback format.

Be very afraid…